Calizzano, at an altitude of 647 meters above sea level, is an oasis of peace surrounded by unspoiled nature, halfway between the Alps, the Apennines and the sea. Calizzano is a small village in the Ligurian hinterland, in Alta Valle Bormida, between Liguria and Piedmont.

In Calizzano lies the Melogno forest, a vast forest area, characterized by fascinating beech woods, among which you can find the “Barbottina” monumental beech forest, where you can live a holistic experience, surrounded by beeches more than 50 meters high.

The good air of the mountains is filtered by the foliage of beech, fir and chestnut woods – where mushroom hunters enter during the autumn season. All the wooded resources still indicate the vocations of the hard-working communities, intent on artisanal work and agriculture.

Roads and paths lead to the pleasant surroundings, where fresh mineral and healing waters flow. In fact, Calizzano boasts 13 springs on its territory, each one characterized by different properties. Among these, the best known is the Bauda spring, bottled by the Calizzano Company.

The churches, the sanctuary and the monumental memories are the perennial reference to history and tradition.

Relax in the nature, walking and hiking, sports and gastronomy: Calizzano offers itineraries for walks and guided tours, riding lessons and horseback riding, e-bike or MTB tours as well as wonderful snowshoe walking during the winter.