Calizzano as early as 1800 was recognized as a popular tourist destination. Easily reachable by carriage, it had become a summer residence for several Genoese noble families.
In the 50s of the 1900s, after the second world war, Calizzano returned to be successful with the Italians and in particular with the Genoese families, who had rediscovered the desire and the economic capacity to take refuge during the torrid summer months in the cooler Ligurian hinterland, far from the city and the city bustle. Calizzano, surrounded by unspoiled nature and even with a modest skiing complex, was at the time known as “The Small Ligurian Swiss”. In this context Elia and Ubaldo Calcagno decided to transform what was then only a field of potatoes into a small pension, which they called “Villa Elia”.

In 1978 Ezio, son of the spouses Calcagno, and his wife, Mariarita, took over the management of the activity. Since then, Villa Elia has developed on two parallel fronts, which integrate and feed each other: the hotel and the restaurant. The hotel is mainly frequented by those who see in Calizzano the ideal destination for a climatic stay during the hot summer months and sportsmen, fascinated by the luxuriant nature that surrounds the town. The restaurant is renowned above all for its mushroom and chestnut products, the typical fruits of our territory. The high number of seats and the green garden that surrounds Villa Elia, also make it possible to prepare wedding banquets and sumptuous lunches for ceremonies.

Today the daughter of Ezio and Mariarita, Alice, takes over the management of the hotel and the restaurant. Graduated at Bocconi University, employee of a multinational company, when she hears her parents decide to quit the business to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, she decides to leave Milan and work to return to the small town where she was born, so as not to vain all sacrifices and satisfactions of her family. Going back to Alice means giving new life to the family business, that hotel that her parents and her grandparents before have built, brick by brick. Going back to Alice also means enhancing the beauty and the products that the territory can offer those who know how to open their hearts and return to the authenticity and simplicity of the past.